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Merry-Go-Round (USA, 1923)

Title / Subject
Associated Names
Norman Kerry, Mary Philbin, Cesare Gravina, Carl Laemmle, Edith Yorke, Dale Fuller, Spottiswood Aitken, Maude George, Jane Sherman, George Hackathorne, George Siegmann, Dorothy Wallace, Al Edmundson, Sidey Bracey, Helen Broneau, Carl Laemmle, Rupert Julian, Erich von Stroheim
Year (film)
Country (film)
  • USA
Film Type
  • Feature
Production Company
Universal Pictures
Distribution Company
Universal Pictures
Slide Content
  • Coming Attraction
Style / Variation
Version: Kerry photo in oval on left, Philbin photo in oval on right
Year (slide)
Country (slide)
  • USA
  • Double pane glass, taped edge, 3.25" x 4"
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