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Take a Gamble – Identify the Mystery Woman

February 20, 2012

Program closing slide.  Who is this woman?

Who is this woman?

I posed this question in an early article when hardly anybody was paying attention to this site.  Though I'm still not quite getting a Wikipedia hit rate (yet) the odds seem much better that someone out there may be able to identify the actress in pictured in this slide.

The slide comes from the Universal Film Manufacturing Company, once located at 1600 Broadway, New York City.  Of the thousands of slides I have catalogued that include manufacturer's information, I have encountered only five (5) slides manufactured by this company, all of which either promote titles or personalities associated with the Universal Film Manufacturing Company.  As logical as this arrangement may seem, it is one of the rare occasions where I have encountered advertising slides produced by a film company.  Far more typical is the case where advertising slides are produced by a third-party specializing in slide production, a topic I intend to address in a future article.

But meanwhile, back to the identity of the mystery woman.  The fact that this is a Universal slide narrows the field considerably.  Another clue is that the dates of the other Universal slides I have catalogued range from 1914-17.  Finally, perhaps the hearts and dice motif also provides a clue.  Is she currently appearing in a film about love and luck?  Gambling and romance?

Do you know the answer?

Throw the dice and see what comes up.