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Lemon Drop Kid [Lemon Drop Kid, The] (USA, 1951)

Title / Subject
Lemon Drop Kid [Lemon Drop Kid, The]
Associated Names
Bob Hope, Marilyn Maxwell, Frank Tashlin, Lloyd Nolan, Jame Darwell, Damon Runyon, Andrea King, Fred Clark, Harry Belaver, Robert L. Welch, Edmund L. Hartmann [Edmund Hartmann], Robert O'Brien, Irving Elinson, Edmund Beloin, Sidney Lanfield
Year (film)
Country (film)
  • USA
Film Type
  • Feature
Production Company
Hope Enterprises
Distribution Company
Paramount British Pictures
Slide Content
  • Coming Attraction
Style / Variation
Year (slide)
Country (slide)
  • UK
  • Double pane glass, taped edge, 3.25" square
Unique ID